The Dr. Harry Edwards Lecture on Sport and American Culture

The Texas Program in Sports and Media is honored to host The Dr. Harry Edwards Lecture in Sport and American Culture on behalf of the McGarr Symposium on Sports and Society, the Moody College of Communication and the University of Texas at Austin. Created in 2014 to honor the self-described “activist scholar”, the Edwards Lecture is a forum for the discussion of the thorny issues of sports, race and society. Dr. Edwards has been at the forefront of these issues as the co-founder of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, as a faculty member in the Sociology Department of the University of California, Berkeley and as a consultant to all major American professional sports leagues.
This site will archive presentations given on behalf of the Dr. Harry Edwards Lecture on Sport and American Culture and host other information related to his legacy at the intersection of sports and society. Dr. Edwards is also pleased to present and distribute A “Blueprint” for Educational Achievement: Lessons from the Life and Calling of a Once-failed Student.

The Edwards Lectures

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